Dixie Divers Diving Locations Boynton Inlet to Dania Pier Including The Tennec Towers Book


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This handy book covers the most popular beach-entry locations for Snorkeling and Diving from Jupiter to Hollywood, Florida.

28 Exciting Locations LOADED with important information!!




Each page includes:

-Location photo: A panoramic photo of the shore taken from the ocean to orient you to the site

-Site Diagram: A well detailed map of the site and shore, including entry points and reef outlines

-Location: Walking directions, some even have GPS coordinates

-Description: A brief description of the surrounding area

-Depth: Average depth for the site

-Directions and Parking: Driving directions from the nearest major road and the closest parking (Free or Paid)

-Point of Entry: Best entry spot to swim out and find the reef

-Regulations: What is permitted at the site (Hunting, Diver Down Flag, etc.)

-Amenities: Locations of restrooms, showers, water fountains, BBQ pits, picnic tables etc.

-Critters: Common marine life found on the reef



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