JBL Elite Woody Sawed-off Magnum

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Elite Sawed-Off Magnum Based off our trusted Magnum grip and trigger mechanism, the Elites feature hardened, 17-4 ph stainless shafts, shark-fin sling tabs and a top flopper with 5/16 pointed thread. Shoot Tahitian-style or remove the flopper and screw on one of our break- away tips for large gamefish. Bands are Hi-Mod 5/8 O.D. with abrasion resistant, spectra cord wishbones.  Featuring the new M-7″ Trigger mechanism.


Overal Length: 51"
Shaft: 44" x 5/16"
Slings: 2 bands 318e
Point:   5/16 pointed thread
Reach: 22 ft.
Flotation: Yes


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