Ocean Reef Neptune Space Iron Full Face Mask


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  • Specifically designed for use in contaminated water
  • Nitrox compatible to 40% (the recreational limits of nitrox)
  • Integration of the second stage and a full face mask (Neptune Space)
  • Maximum performance in all temperatures and diving conditions - including ice diving
  • Neptune Space Full Face Mask
    • Reduced internal volume
    • 180 degree field of view
    • Includes surface air valve
    • Crystal silicone - The highest grade silicone available for a soft comfortable seal
    • Equalization system with a tri-dimensional adjustment to fit every nose shape
    • Exhaust valve features four settings, exhaust at left side, right side, both sides or no exhaust, so it is possible to direct bubbles caused by exhaling
    • Breathe comfortably and naturally through both your nose and mouth
    • Advanced air circulation prevents mask fogging and reduces CO and CO2 build-up
    • Head harness features straps directly connected to the face shield allowing the pressure to be transmitted uniformly along the mask's skirt
  • Integrated 2nd Stage:
    • Balanced 2nd Stage for superior performance even under
      the most demanding conditions
    • "Diver Adjustable" Air flow allowing the diver to adjust for different operating conditions and depths
    • Designed for use even in low temperatures where normal regulators usually freeze
    • Easily accessible extra large purge button
    • Includes 32 inch low pressure hose for connection to any existing regulator first stage
  • L.E.D. Visor Light (see below to order) 
    • State of the art ultra bright L.E.D (Light Emitting Diode Technology)
    • 30 TIMES Longer Bulb Life - 100,000 hours!
    • High Intensity White L.E.D. light travels farther underwater for maximum visibility and truer colors
    • Shock and Impact resistant L.E.D. bulbs
    • Perfect for all rugged outdoor use - anything from night dives to macro photography
    • Magnetic ON/OFF switch for easy one-hand operation and greater reliability
    • BURN TIME: approximately 3 hours
    • POWER: 75 lumens
    • DEPTH: 260 feet

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