TAC Device High Quality All-in-One Safety Lobster Snare

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The TAC Device is a fiberglass, Eco-friendly lobster snare thats also a safety aid and flag for scuba divers coming back to the surface.

What is TAC & min-TAC Device?

The TAC Device combines a bug-catching snare with a red-and-white diver-down flag in a single, light-weight fiberglass unit. One end of the shaft holds the retractable snare, which the diver places around the lobsters tail and cinches tight with a plunger. The other end holds the dive flag, which the diver opens and unfurls on the surface. The TAC Device is 4 1/2 feet long and the mini-TAC Device is 2 1/2 feet long

Safety Aid

The scuba dive side of the TAC and mini-TAC devices have a simple process. When a diver heads for the surface, he holds the snare stretched out above his head. A flag with the bright red scuba divers symbol will then push through the water. Boaters can see the flag, and be aware that a diver is near the surface. Divers using the flag, meanwhile, should give themselves about a minute to surface, says Contreras. This way a boat has time to move out of the way.

It protects you when youre coming up from the bottom and you can be seen easier if you get swept away by the current, youre not alone.

Eco-Friendly Lobster Snare

The TAC and mini-TAC lobster snares, look like a red broom handle that opens underwater. The snares stainless steel shaft allows users to grab lobsters without using their hands, and without touching and scratching delicate sea life and coral. The TAC Device can be inserted under coral and looped about lobster, safely removing the lobster without damaging the coral of the lobster. This device will not harm the eggs of female lobsters, unlike many devices on the market that shock the lobster. It also allows you to catch lobster without touching and damaging delicate coral.


The TAC Device and Mini-TAC Device are both American made. All the parts are purchased from US industries and it is assembled here in the US.

The TAC Device and Mini-TAC Device are also made of non-corrosive materials. The snare loop is made of aviation-grade stainless steel and the 12-by-12-inch dive flag is made of polyester. The shaft is made of fiberglass.


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