POSEIDON Atmosphere M Full Face Mask

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The perfectly fitting Atmosphere is the full-face mask of choice for professional and cold water diving.

Colours: Black


Technical Features:

> For optimum performance, the Atmosphere should be connected to an Xstream 1st stage.
> Highly effective defogging system
> Antidistortion visor
> Prepared for communication system

Comes equipped with the Poseidon Jetsream - a professional, high performing regulator. Made for cold water, the atMosphere aslo includes a highly effective defogging system and comes prepared for most communication systems to talk with your buddy during dives. As an over pressure mask it also allows you to dive contaminated water without getting dirty water on your face.

Package Includes:

> Full face mask
> Jetstream 2nd Stage with 70 cm hose
> Warranty Card
> User guide
> Poseidon neck strap
> Name badge holders
> Optional: Xstream 1st Stage (Atmosphere M Complete package)


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