NARDI Atlantic Electric Compressor - High Pressure

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+Working Pressure: 200-300
+4th Stage Pressure: 3200 psi
+Charging Rate: 3.5 cubic feet per minute
+Safety Valve Pressure: 4800 psi
+Number of Stages: 4
+Compressor Speed: 3400 rpm
+Dry/Oil intermediate separator
+ATL Filter with maintenance valve
+Single cylinder filling time (11L. 0-200 bar) 0-3200 PSI, 80 CF Tank: 23 minutes
+Electric Motor: 2 Phase
+2.2 kilowatt 230 Volt system
+93.7 lbs
+58cm x 41cm x 41 cm


-Standard pressure valve
-Coated aluminum frame
-Inter stage condenser separator designed to decrease condensation between stages
-High quality materials resistant to thermal and dynamic stresses
-Air conveyor designed for high heat exchange efficiency
-Steel valves for longer life and greater performance
-Balanced pump unit with low noise and vibration
-Auto shut-off and auto dump
-Comes standard with air whip and gauge
-EN 12021 breathing air
Founded in 1980, Nardi Compressors is a factory manufacturer of Oil-less Air Compressors with innovative design and the latest technological specifications. The use of high quality material and the test of every article allow Nardi to be a world leader in small oil-less and piston compressors industry.
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