3D Buoy 3-Sided Inflatable Flag System with LED Light

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+ Lightweight, inlfatable buoy system

+ Water ballast on bottom to keep upright

+ Legal-size flag visible from 3 sides

+ Compartment on top for light stick (included), excellent visibility at night

+ Visible from all angles at a distance of 1000 feet


This lightweight buoy, when inflated, measures 36-inches high and 18-inches wide. The bright yellow triangular inflatable displays three 12x12 official red and white dive flags, and reads "WARNING DIVER BELOW beneath each flag in 3-inch bold letters. A hollow tube in the center of the buoy was created to insert a lighting device to illuminate the buoy from the inside out. When lit, it illuminates the entire buoy, making the three diving flags highly visible in darkness. The illumination does not conflict with any lighting configuration identified by the US Coast Guard.

This 3-D dive buoy can be seen from all angles at a nominal distance of 1000 feet and is distinguishable as a dive buoy because of its contrasting color design. A water bladder at the base of the buoy acts as a counter balance to keep the buoy upright in all weather and water conditions, including heavy winds and rough seas. There are also two stainless steel D-rings located on the bottom of the water ballast to connect the divers grab bag and tow line.
Many beach divers have expressed frustration as to where to store their personal items such as car keys, drivers license, and fishing license while diving. A storage compartment on the top of the buoy was designed to keep personal items dry while diving. Additionally, a grab line and sufficient air volume in the buoy allows for more than one diver to hold on, allowing the diver to rest if necessary.

This divers-down buoy was created and designed to protect both divers and boaters. Its 3-D design makes it visible from all angles, its illumination makes it visible in darkness, and its thoughtful features provide safety and convenience, making the traditional diving flag inferior.

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