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Kit Contains:

+ DXDiver Lionfish Shirt - Wicking Material

+ 24" ZooKeeper Lionfish Containment Unit: LCU-16 
+ SEAC Polpone 50 Spring Speargun
+ Stainless Steel Dive Scissors

The SEAC Polpone has become the ideal short-range compact speargun for lionfish. Spring powered harpoon with 3-barb trident tip made from anodized aluminum. Dive scissors are included to eliminate those pesky spines. Our DXDiver wicking shirt draws moisture away fromt the body for a cooling effect and quick-dry properties.


Hard Body Lionfish Containment Unit 
Size: 24" Tall x 7.25" Dia.
Weight: 5.5 lbs
Will hold approx 16 lbs of lionfish.

"Until a Natural Predator Emerges" ..there is the ZooKeeper - a PVC constructed Lionfish Containment Unit that we carry in 5 sizes. 

LCU-16 models hold up to 16 lbs. of lionfish. 
The Pro models feature an expandable shell with Turtleskin material.
FREE DXDiver Lionfish Longsleeve Wicking Shirt to raise awareness and action against these invaders.
Made in the USA
Our UV Resistance PVC tube is custom extruded to achieve its lightweight and lasting properties.

ZooKeeper's funnel design was the first to incorporate a hole at the end of the pie cut to ease the stress on the funnel when inserting a lionfish.  This allows for funnels to last longer and minimizes the potential of the funnel to fail during  a dive.  Funnels should always be checked prior to hunting lionfish and replaced if needed.

UVR Cap and Flange
Made of UV Resistance ABS, the design allows for the placement of both the funnel and the safety valve.  The ease of replacing the funnel allows the diver to ensure an optimal working LCU before a hunt.

Flange Tab
Part of the flange, this allows for the LCU to be secured to the diver during a hunt.  By making this part of the flange, it eliminated the need to drill a hole in the tube for eye bolts.

UVR Safety Valve
Water displaced from inside the tube when inserting a lionfish, flows freely through our safety valve, and yet does not allow for the venomous spines to come through and hurt the diver.  
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