KAYAK DIVER KIT W/ Ocean Reef Full Face + Cummerbelt...

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  • Ocean Reef G. Divers Full Face Mask Size M/L
  • Balanced Piston 1st Stage with Mini Pressure Gauge,
  • 12" Inches hose with 1st stage fitting,
  • 60' Foot main hose,
  • 40" Inches regulator hose with 2nd stage fitting,
  • Brownies Drop Weight Cummerbelt - holds up to 20 lbs
  • With 80 cf Aluminum Tank




With Brownie's Kayak Diving Hose Kits you can leave your tank topside and move about freely and effortlessly as the hose glides behind you.Our proprietary Quick Release Swivel (QRS) fittings greatly reduce hose kinks while diving and also make it a snap to add or subtract hose sections.The kit replaces the hose on your scuba regulator.

Want to do some conventional diving on scuba? There"s no need to unscrew the kit from your first and second stages; simply remove the main hose length.

The whole operation takes less than 10 seconds.

The Drop Weight Cummerbelt is included in this kit and can change the way you dive.

It's more than just a tow belt and more than just a weight belt. It's instantly adjustable for waist sizes from 25 to 50 inches, so it can fit everyone in the family.

It is fully padded, depth compensating and contoured to fit your waist so you won't get the "gravity twist" like common weight belts.

The Drop Weight Cummerbelt comes with 2 pockets - each capable of holding up to 10 lbs. of lead block or shot pouches. For added safety and control, each pocket can be instantly released by either hand (even if gloved) while still retaining the belt.

You can easily achieve positive buoyancy by releasing a single pouch - much safer than dropping all your weight at once.

And you always stay connected to the air hose and the surface.

The Neptune Space G.divers mask includes an integrated balanced 2nd stage regulator with a 3/8" threaded 31.5" (80cm) low pressure hose.

The patented bellows style face skirt, molded from premium grade silicone rubber, uses a spring profile and large sealing double the size and spacing (30-45mm), to achieve a very comfortable fit and ample support.

This spring effect is a combination of the double S section and the inner support ribs which allows the G.divers full face mask to float comfortably on the face.


**Due to shipping costs and laws regarding shipping tanks by air, customers in Alaska, Canada and overseas will need to contact us directly by e-mail or telephone.**





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