A.B. Biller Mahogany 36 Special Speargun Limited Edition Wood Speargun Diving Spearfishing with The ABC's of Spearfishing BOOK.


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  • Made of high-quality Mahogany for neutral buoyancy and lasting durability
  • Stainless steel trigger mechanism for a smooth and reliable shot
  • The grooved mahogany also allows for easy maneuverability
  • The wood absorbs 80% of the firing noise
  • Included: The ABC's of Spearfishing Book



With a stainless steel trigger and mahogany barrel construction, the A.B. Biller 36 Special Speargun boasts a nearly silent fire. A.B. Biller spearguns are the noise eliminating machines of the speargun world, absorbing 80% of firing noise thanks to its high grade wooden composition. The A.B. Biller Mahogany 36 Special Speargun is 35" from butt to muzzle, and uses a 5/16" x 30" spear shaft. Two powerful 9/16" x 14" speargun bands send your spear flying through prey for a serious catch of the day. The double barbed swivel tip ensures your gear won't become damaged by large fish, since it rotates freely from the spear shaft. A.B. Biller wooden spearguns use a stainless steel trigger mechanism that delivers the smoothest action and on-point accuracy. SPECIFICATIONS Product SKU SM 36 Brand AB Biller Eligible for Free Freight Promo Yes Material Mahogany Thickness-Spear Bands 9/16 Shaft Length (inches) 32 Shaft Length (cm) 76.2 Length Total (inches) 38 Length Total (cm) 92
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