NARDI Pacific D 27 Diesel Compressor High Pressure for Scuba Tanks & Yachts New


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Making charging with a compressor Nardi also where electricity is not available and the conditions are harsh. The line of the Pacific Nardi Compressors, was designed with its most demanding customers and do not want compromise. For years, the Pacific line charging tanks for scuba divers from around the world, ensuring the reliability and quality that only Nardi Compressors can give. The pumping units are equipped with condensate separators between each compression stage, so as to remove more impurities and condensation can, before the final filter, which makes breathable air and pure. The automatic condensate discharge compressor Pacific, is protected by international patent, given its efficacy and its silent during discharges. The lubrication is mainly splash of oil, and can be integrated with an oil pump for lubrication. The processing and treatment of components is always in step with new technologies, extending the life and reliability of each individual component of the compressor. Low power consumption and high performance with even higher efficiencies.

  • Fills a 10 l / 200 bar tank in 7 min 26 sec
  • Charge rate: 270 l/ 9.5 C.F.M / min 16,2 m3/hr
  • 7,5 HP / 5,5Kw Diesel Motor
  • 3 Stages
  • Filtration PAC1
  • Noise 89dB
  • 109 cm x 58 cm x 65 cm / 38.2" x 20.9" x 25.6" 
  • 165 lbs 364 kg