NARDI Atlantic P Electric Compressor High Pressure for Scuba Tanks New


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Small Size and big performance: It ‘s the most compact of the line Breathing Air, easy to transport to its low weight, allows refill even in hard to reach places. Air quality is always very high, thanks to those little tricks that only Nardi Compressors are able to plan. 100 l / min, internal combustion engine Robin-Subaru. -Features: Pressure valve standard on every model; coated aluminum frame; interstage condensate separator designed to decrease the condensation between one stage and the other in a position well aerated to maintain the low temperate; crankshaft perfectly balanced; high quality materials and are resistant to thermal and dynamic stresses; air conveyor designed for a high heat exchange efficiency; steel valves for longer life and greater performance; filter cartridge with a properly sized for air quality always at the top; Low noise and vibration to a minimum with the perfect balance of the pump unit.

  • 100 l / min internal combustion engine Robin-Subaru
  • 4 Stages/ 1st Stage 43 psi
  • Charging Rate: 3.5 cubic feet per minute
  •  ATL Filter with maintenance valve
  • Working Pressure 200
  • Safety Valve Pressure 225
  • 93cm x 76cm x 41cm / 36.6" x 29.9" x 16.2"
  • 42 kg / 93 lbs