NARDI Extreme 3T 1.5 Narghilé Electric Compressor

NardiExtreme3T 1.5 Narghilé

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+ 5 Liter Tank at 145 PSI
+ 800 Watt 12 Volt DC system
+ 2 Cylinders at 1400 RPM
+ Filtered Air Intake at 8.6 Cubic Feet / Minute
+ 53cm X 31cm X 39cm 
+ 24lbs.
+ Optional Add-A-Diver Kit (+$269)


These models are electric units that utilize battery power and come with node clamps. The compressor runs only when needed to maintain the 145 psi internal pressure and has an auto shut-off when not in use so it doesn't continue to drain battery power. A 50' diver hose with second stage is standard, and includes a quick-disconnect fitting for easy assembly onto the compressor. The compressor is fairly quiet produces only 70 decibels of sound when running, about as loud as a washing machine.
These compressors are super efficient and the stable frame and base makes it ideal for boats. As a surface supplied air unit, these compressors make chores such as cleaning boat bottoms easier, and are often used for recreational diving activity as well. 
The Add-A-Diver kit allows you to run (2) sixty foot hoses from a divider on the outlet of the compressor. 
Founded in 1980, Nardi Compressors is a factory manufacturer of Oil-less Air Compressors with innovative design and the latest technological specifications. The use of high quality material and the test of every article allow Nardi to be a world leader in small oil-less and piston compressors industry.
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